Daddy’s Little Helper

Hardwood floor is going in upstairs. While I know I will love it when it is finished, it is not exactly fun while it is being installed. Walking on subfloor, getting splinters, and the loud pitter patter of feet, even little feet, has not been fun. Padding helped.

Today marked the beginning of the wood installation. I should not have been at home, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all home…together. I have not been asked to help. I have not offered to help. It is not my project and I am good with that.

If you know me, sounds can really bother me. The noise associated with the installation has not been good for me today. There is no where to go in the house to escape. My office offers a slight respite from the sound, but it is by no means quiet. Imagine being on a Zoom call with a class of fifth graders and having saws and hammers going. It is not ideal to say the least.

But, as I have been trying to focus on the positive, here it is for this project. The girls, especially Izzie, have enjoyed helping their daddy. They sort the wood and help pick out the pieces that will be put in next. And they take it very seriously, work gloves to protect their hands and headphones to block out the noise.

As I am sitting here writing, Izzie stands on the top of the stairs. “Mommy, do you know what that noise is?”

Mommy: “No, what is it?”

Izzie: “Daddy hammering because he can’t use the spline.”

Mommy: “What is spline?”

Izzie: “Hold on, I’ll show you. Spline is a piece of wood that connects wood to wood. There’s no tongue so I can’t put it in (as she shows me the wood and how it won’t go together). So we have to use spline to connect this.”

I have no idea what any of this means, but she sure does! Proud of Izzie and her daddy!

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14 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Helper

  1. So glad they’re enjoying this project. I’m sure it will be wonderful when it’s finished. Maybe you can ask one of the girls if you could borrow their headphones… least for a while. Or, could get you an early birthday present??????


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