Mommy and Sophia Time

Having two girls, one-on-one time is rare. So when Sophia and I get time our time together, we enjoy it to the fullest! Sophia and I continued reading our Secret Mermaid series together in my chaise lounge. Sitting snuggled up together, I loved reading to my little girl. It is not often we have timeContinue reading “Mommy and Sophia Time”

Early Morning Love

Early morning wakeup…last one before spring break! Unfortunately, the wake up happened an hour before the alarm. I tried to go back to sleep, really I did, but my mind wasn’t having it. There are things you could accomplish this morning, my mind seemed to say. And it wasn’t wrong, I could bake those cookiesContinue reading “Early Morning Love”

You are My Sunshine

You are my sunshineMy only sunshineYou make me happyWhen skies are grayYou’ll never know dearHow much I love youPlease don’t take my sunshine away. This was the song that I sang all the time to my daughters when they were tiny…during middle of the night feedings, bouncing them during the cranky moments of the day,Continue reading “You are My Sunshine”

To Keep or Return…That is the Question

I sit here, winding down after a long day at work. And I am sitting in my pajamas, wearing gym shoes. I never wear shoes at home in the house, but tonight I am wearing the brand new shoes that arrived in the mail. I have been waiting for them for more than a week.Continue reading “To Keep or Return…That is the Question”