A Smile Worth Remembering

Monday, one of my least favorite days. Back to waking up early, working out, and quickly rushing through making breakfast so we can all hurry out the door. There are usually tears and yelling followed by hugs and apologies. Today was no different. The girls argued with each other. They cry, I hug and soothe.Continue reading “A Smile Worth Remembering”

Reflecting on the Covid Year

One year ago, March 13, 2020, was the last day of in-person learning for myself as a teacher and for my girls as students. I remember it vividly as I had taken the day off in order to prepare for a weekend of birthday festivities. I was scheduled to go into Izzie’s classroom to readContinue reading “Reflecting on the Covid Year”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

As I was driving to work this morning, I ended up behind a black Kia SUV. Sitting at a stoplight, I noticed the license plate holder was from a dealer in Berwyn. And that, my readers, led me on a trip down memory lane. You see, my maternal grandparents lived in Berwyn. I can stillContinue reading “A Trip Down Memory Lane”