Learning to Paint

Slice of Life 2022-Day 31

When it came to painting rooms in our home, the job usually fell to me. I didn’t mind the painting and did a pretty good job. Don’t get me wrong, there would be some oops marks here and there. But for the most part, the room would turn out well.

Recently, I have been demoted from painter because of my oops marks. You see, Jim has taken over, claiming yo be more precise. And he is, as he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to home improvement. So he has become the painter as of late.

When getting ready to paint our bathroom, Sophia said she wanted to help. So, Jim told her to go get some painting clothes on.

“What are painting clothes?” Sophia asked.

After explaining they were clothes that would be okay to get paint on and suggesting a pair of pants that had recently acquired holes on the knees, she ran upstairs to find her painting clothes. She came to the top of the stairs, holding a bright pink shirt from a place that was no longer in business. “Perfect!” I exclaimed.

Eventually, both Jim and Sophia were ready to paint. Jim carefully explained and demonstrated how to get paint on the roller and how to move the roller on the wall. Then it was time for Sophia to give it a try. Together, they held onto the roller, carefully pushing it around in the paint tray before bringing it up to the ceiling and moving it along. Sophia wanted to try on her own, but soon realized she needed help as the roller on an extension pole was heavier than she thought.

Finished with the ceiling, Jim and Sophia headed to the basement to paint the cabinet. Sophia was in charge of the doors. I watched as she concentrated in putting just the right amount of paint on the roller. I watched as she moved the roller over the cabinet door, just like daddy had showed her. I watched as her face expressed feelings of pride and accomplishment.

So I am passing the painting baton onto Jim and Sophia. May they find happiness in their painting projects!

Mommy and Izzie Date

Slice of Life 2022-Day 30

Yesterday Izzie and I had a mommy and Izzie date, a time for just the two of us to spend some time together. This one of birthday presents from earlier this month.

First stop, the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. Izzie had been wanting to get her nails done for awhile, but I told her she needed to wait until after her competition season was over. Once we arrived, we set out to choosing our colors. She chose quickly and I was grateful she could help me choose as I am always indecisive. It was so much fun watching her sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering time.

Our next stop was Panera for some lunch. We ordered our favorite, Mac and cheese and a half grilled cheese sandwich, Izzie’s with bread, mine with chips. We added a cookie to share. While waiting for our food to be ready, I read some of our read aloud book, Pencilvania. We chatted as we ate and then I finished our chapter.

Finally, we headed to our last stop, Kohl’s, for a little clothes shopping. I love shopping with Izzie. She goes through the racks, handing me all the things she would like to try on…dresses, shorts, shirts. Her favorites are always the long dresses which can be a challenge for someone so short. Izzie tried on each piece of clothing, modeling for me as she did. Some we agreed fit well, others we disagreed about the fit. In the end, more than the promised outfit was purchased.

As our date was coming to an end, I was grateful for the time I was gifted with Izzie. I love being with her one on one and enjoying some of our favorite things!

Froyo with Sophia

Slice of Life 2022-Day 29

“Can we get froyo?” asks Sophia, looking at me.

I hesitated for a moment, formulating my answer.

Jim looked up at me and said, “How can you deny her froyo?”

I replied, “I can’t. We can get froyo after dinner.”

So, we made and ate tacos. As soon as we cleaned everything up, Sophia asked, “Can we get froyo now?”

I was not even remotely ready for a treat. So I put her off for a bit. But she kept asking. Eventually, I said, “We can go at 7:15.”

My clock watcher let me know when it was time to head out.

Once at the froyo place, she began looking at all the flavors and toppings. Sophia put together her own concoction of froyo and toppings before creating a container for her dad.

We arrived at home to have a froyo picnic.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Slice of Life 2022-Day 28

I am not know to sleep in, even on breaks. But today I made till almost 7:00, which is a huge win for me!

The girls had a sleepover last night at grandma’s house, so it was super quiet here this morning. No morning snuggles from my girls.

With no where to be and nothing that absolutely needed to get done this morning, I took the time to enjoy a few of my favorite things…

Morning yoga…I have found that a slow morning flow to ease into the day is sometimes just what I need. Truthfully, I would love to do morning yoga everyday, but there just isn’t enough time before work.

Morning meditation…again I wish I made time for this every morning, but I don’t. It was a great way to get my mind ready for the day.

Reading in my chair…I have a chaise lounge chair in my bedroom that I absolutely love to sit in to read. And morning reading is a favorite from my days before kids. But similarly to morning yoga and meditation, I don’t often make time to read in my chaise.

Writing this post has made me realize that I need to make more time for my favorite things. It has been quite a lovely start to my day.


Slice of Life 2022-Day 27

State… for a gymnast, this is what they have been working for all season long. It’s the biggest meet of the season. It’s the championship.

Izzie went out today and showed her best. Starting with a 9.4 on beam, I knew we were in for a good meet. 9.275 on floor, not her best, but certainly a good score. And then it was vault. This has been her nemesis all season long and today was no different. She scored her lowest all season, 8.75. One event left and I hoped that wouldn’t hold her back. Onto bars, her favorite event. 9.675, a fantastic score! And then I could breathe a bit before awards.

When her division began announcing awards, I knew she would not place on vault. But then came bars. With each announcement I began to realize that Izzie might just win. And then it was announced, she was the State Bars Champion!!! I couldn’t hold back my excitement! Up next beam, and again she made it onto the podium in third place. No placement for floor today. Finally, it was time for the all around…6th place with a 37.1.

I am so proud of where this season has taken her. I can’t believe she is the bars state champ. But there is a tiny part of me that wishes that vault score would have been just a bit higher, that her goal of being on the podium in the all around could have come true. But no matter what, I love my little gymnast with all my heart and couldn’t be prouder!

Puzzle 🧩 Problem

Slice of Life 2022-Day26

Hi my name is Michelle and I have a puzzle 🧩 problem. See, when I start one, it can often be difficult to accomplish anything else. Books go unread, laundry undone, dishes in the sink.

Working on puzzles started as something to do during the pandemic. Now, working on puzzles is a total stress reliever. The more stressed I am, the quicker the puzzle is finished. Apparently I was exceptionally stressed this week because I quickly finished the puzzle I had been working on. And now I have no puzzles to work on!

I am known for my puzzles and it shows.

It’s Finally Here

Slice of Life 2022-Day 25

It is Friday, but not just any Friday. It is the Friday that begins spring break! An entire week with no waking up to the 5:15am alarm. An entire week without rushing the girls out of the house.

Things I am looking forward to this spring break, in no particular order: time with my family, extra reading time, getting my nails done, less evening activities, being able to work on projects around the house, not having to think about school/work, being able to stay up a little later, just to make a few.

Caught Reading

Slice of Life 2022-Day 24

Growing up, I loved to read. One of my favorite times to read was before bed. There was nothing else I had to do, no place else I needed to be. I remember having this light that clipped onto the headboard of my bed so I could read well into the night, which I could often be found doing.

That love of late night reading has been passed down to Isabella. She loves her books and her favorite time to read is before bed. She even has a small reading light that clips onto the edge of her bunk bed!

Each night, before I retire for the night, I check on the girls, turning off any lights that may have been left on as they nodded off to sleep. But sometimes, the lights are on because Isabella is still awake.

When I see that she is still awake, she is always reading. Book in hand, she is laying there, comfy as can be. “Time to turn off the light and go to sleep,” I tell Isabella.

“Just one more chapter…please?” she replies.

I want to say no, because I know that it is late and she needs her sleep. On the other hand, I remember being the same way, and still am, always wanting to squeeze in a few more pages, another chapter.

So I lay next to her for a brief moment, and tell her she can finish her chapter, even when she is on the first page of the chapter. I tell her yes because she is loving the books she is reading. I tell her yes because I want her to continue to enjoy reading for fun. I tell her yes because she is just like me.

Reading into the night!

I Want to Read

Slice of Life 2022-Day 22

I’m cuddled up on the couch with Sophia, watching Encanto. She asked to snuggle and how could I pass that up?!?

After a few moments, she reaches across me for the remote. She starts pushing buttons and then the tv turns off.

“Don’t you want to finish watching the movie?” I asked.

“I turned it off so I could read my baggie book,” Sophia responds, jumping off the couch. She walks to the mud room and comes back with her green folder of books.

I am shocked. I know she loves to read. But most people do not turn off the tv to read, especially when they are seven years old. But Sophia does. She is a proud reader who also likes to make sure her homework is complete. As for me, I enjoyed a story while listening to a great reader.