Proud Mama

In a day filled with ups and downs, I am trying to find the silver linings. It is after 9:00pm and I am finally sitting down, all by myself.

Waking up exhausted after a sleepless night with Sophia, giving meds every three hours, I looked forward to snuggles with Sophia. I was pleasantly surprised to see her in good spirits. We spent time watching tv, building Legos, and playing games. She had her brave moment when we finally were able to take off the bandage on her hand. Proud mama.

The bus pulled to a stop and off ran Izzie. I loved being there to get her off the bus. She had one hand behind her back and yelled, “I have a surprise for you!” She pulled her arm out and showed me a Superstar Blue slip. Two days this week! Proud mama.

Izzie had her Kindergarten Open House tonight. Having her show me around her room was a perfect way to spend the evening. She read us all seven of her books she has written during Writer’s Workshop. Her teacher told us she often asks if she can go onto the next page when writing. “Of course!” is what her teacher responds. Proud mama.

I am so grateful for my girls and the many moments each day that make me a Proud Mama.


Sophia the Brave

Waiting for surgery!

I awoke this morning at 5:27 without using my alarm. I laid in bed listening to both Jim and Sophia sleep as thoughts began running through my head…were we making the right decision in taking Sophia in to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out? How would she handle the actual surgery? Would she be okay with the recovery? All questions that I could not answer but were worrying me nonetheless.

I eventually pulled myself out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. Brush teeth, put in contacts, brush hair, get dressed. Typical morning stuff, although today felt like anything but typical. As I headed back into the bedroom, Sophia was sitting up and I was able to give her a hug. I went to get her clothes to get her dressed and when I returned, Izzie had come in as well. Sister hugs are the best!

Fast forward to arriving at the surgery center. We checked in and then Sophia sat on my lap, not really saying anything. Several minutes, we looked up to see not only Papa, but also Grandma Patti. They had come to surprise Sophia. Having them there helped to pass the time until we were finally called back. And then the real waiting began.

Sophia had not cried or fussed, until we went to put on the gown. And then she began to fight a bit. We finally got her in the gown and then it was mommy snuggles. Nurses came in and checked her vitals. A brief moment of panic as her temperature was a bit higher than they would have liked. The doctor came in and said we would be good to go. She left and then we waited. Sophia read her book to us and we played I Spy.

“When is the doctor going to come?” Sophia asked time and time again. And then she began to check my watch…8:29…8:30…8:54…Finally it was time to go. I gave Sophia a hug and an ugga mugga as she was rolled away.

We slowly walked out to the waiting room and sat some more. There was a moment of relief as I knew she was in good hands followed by a moment of panic as I realized my baby was in surgery.

Surgery went well…she was a champ! Coming out of the anesthesia was tough as was getting her to drink, but she did it! She has been eating pudding and popsicles and drinking some water. I know we are on our way to recovery. It will be tough, but she will have lots of mommy and daddy snuggles!

It’s All About the Relationships

Today I went to pick up two of my third grade students. I opened the door to the first classroom and the student came out and began talking with me as we walked down the hall. As I entered the second room, the student looked at me with a look that said I don’t really want to come with you. But, he grabbed his clipboard and walked to the door.

Once in the hallway, he asked, “Can we do a fun activity?”

I replied, “We have work to do?”

“If we finish our work, can we do my special activity?”

“Maybe if we have time.”

We made it to my classroom and sat around the table. I handed the passage to the students to reread. Once finished reading, I showed them the chart that they were to fill out to compare the two animals that we had read about. To my surprise, both students worked quickly and completed the activity with ease.

My student looked at me and asked, “Now can we do my special activity?”

“Yes we can,” I replied.

He reached for his clipboard and pulled out a piece of paper and put it face down in front of himself. He repeated this process for me and and the other student, saying, “Leave it face down.”

Once finished, he told us to turn the papers over. He had brought us each a word search and written our name at the top. He wanted us to complete the word search together. And so we did. I quickly finished and both students were amazed that I had finished so fast.

This small gesture by this particular student brought a smile to my face and made my morning. I had thought that this student did not enjoy our group time together. I was wrong. I am grateful for the relationship I have built with this student and look forward to seeing his smile the next time I come to the door.

I Lost My Tooth!

The girls and I had just sat down to a dinner of scrambled eggs with cheese and english muffins. Izzie had her milk, Sophia had her blue Gatorade, and I had my Arnold Palmer. I finally sat down, put some eggs on my fork, and had started to bring it towards my mouth.

“Mommy! It fell out! My tooth fell out!” Izzie shouted.

I looked up to see her smiling at me while holding her tooth in her hand. Quickly, I put my fork down and jumped up to help her out. I grabbed a cup and we headed to the bathroom. Izzie began rinsing out her mouth and I took her tooth. When she was done rinsing, she looked up with a big smile.

For anyone who knows me, wiggly teeth are so not my thing. They completely gross me out and I do not look at them unless I absolutely need to do so. But there is something truly special about watching your own child get so excited about a hole in her mouth!

I lost my tooth!

Please Stay Little Forever

Going for a drive!

Please stay little forever…I had gone into the house with my many bags after picking Sophia up from daycare. She said she would get herself out of the car. So I believed her and started putting my things away, thinking she would be in within a few minutes. When she didn’t come in, I went out to the garage. And there she was, behind the wheel in the driver’s seat. Laughing and talking, pretending to go for a drive. All I could think about was that one day, Sophia would really be sitting behind the wheel as she headed out to see friends. One day, she would be asking for the keys so she could go to the store. One day, she wouldn’t need me to drive her to or pick her up from school or an event. I am definitely not ready for those days. So Sophia, please stay little for a little bit longer!

Saturday Snuggles

I awoke this morning, on my own, and decided to lay in bed for a bit. I played around on my phone for a bit and soon began contemplating getting out of bed. Before I could do that, in walks Isabella. Not who I would have expected given that she is not usually the first girl to awake. She crawled into bed with me and immediately gave me snuggles. A few moments later, in walks Sophia, saying, “I was really tired because Izzie woke up before me!” She, too, climbed into bed with me and gave me snuggles.

It was the perfect Saturday morning, even if it was just for a few moments. Our family of four enjoying Saturday snuggles before our busy day was to begin.

A Future Performer

Tonight I brought the girls to school to see our 4th and 5th graders put on Beauty and the Beast. The show didn’t start till 7:00pm, which is typically their bedtime, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. The girls were antsy as we waited for the show to begin.

And then it did! Sophia sat on my lap the entire time, mainly because she couldn’t see. Being a show that she knows, she would ask where Belle was or where was the Beast? Her little neck craned upwards, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the beloved characters. Sophia was mesmerized, watching the entire time, even though she was quite tired.

But the best part of watching this musical with Sophia was hearing her sing. She loves her music and hearing the songs, she couldn’t help but sing along, even when she didn’t know the words! She clapped at all the right parts and loved seeing all the characters on stage at the end.

Sophia could not stop talking about the show as we walked back to the car. I asked her if one day she might be a character on stage, to which she replied yes. One day, Sophia Olson will be on stage!