Lite Bright

Tonight I had the pleasure of having some one-on-one time with Sophia. She had been asking for mommy and Sophia time and tonight, I was able to give that to her. As always, she wanted to play a game which we did. But then I looked over and saw the Lite Bright she had gotten for Christmas. It had turned into one of the rarely used toys which made me sad as I loved my Lite Bright as a little girl.

I pulled it out and asked her if we could try it next. She readily agreed. We began by sorting the colored pegs by color and placed them in piles. Then, Sophia chose a picture. Unsure of what the picture was supposed to be, we began inserting the colored pegs. We finally finished and Sophia asked what it was to which I replied that I thought it might be fish.

Our first creation

Sophia was ready to move out to something else, but I was on a roll and wanting to do another picture. I flipped through the pages of templates and could identify about half of them. But then I found the perfect picture. I told Sophia we had to make one more picture. So we began the process of matching the colored pegs to the letters, practicing identifying the letters and the sounds that they make as we were working. Finally, we finished and lit up the design. Sophia was excited to discover the finished picture was of her favorite animal, an elephant.

Sophia’s favorite animal, an elephant

We decided that we would leave the completed design to show daddy, Izzie, and grandma when they all arrived home. Sophia was so proud of her creation and couldn’t wait to share it with her family. Sophia and mommy time was a success!

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6 thoughts on “Lite Bright

  1. So great that you were able to take sweet photos and write the Lite Brite story down so you won’t forget. Sophia will appreciate this too for sure. I can picture you flipping through the black templates and pushing the pegs through!


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