Two Choices

Today the girls and I faced disappointment on two separate occasions. The first came when I went to pick Sophia up from daycare. Tuesdays are dance class days for her and she had been wanting to try a hip hop class for the past two weeks. I was supposed to take her tonight. Only I didn’t get to daycare to pick her up until 4:50. Hip hop class began at 5:00. There was no way we would make it in time. I went inside, knowing she would be upset when I told her we would be unable to make it to the hip hop class. Surprisingly, she hopped into my lap, gave me a hug, and asked why. I explained that I had gotten stuck in traffic. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “That’s okay!” There were no tears. There were no loud screams. She accepted the decision and just kept going.

The second disappointment came after dance class when we were going for frozen yogurt or froyo as we like to call it. I drove to our usual place only to see it was closed…on Tuesdays. Who new? Not us! I continued driving while explaining to the girls that the place was closed. Again, their were no tears or screams. Instead, there was acceptance. So I drove to another froyo place that was open and we ended up with our yummy treat.

As we faced disappointment, we had two choice…choose to be upset and cry about the situation or choose to accept the situation and make the best of it. Today, the girls and I chose acceptance. How will you react the next time you face disappointment?

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I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

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