Slice of Life 2022

Caught Reading

Slice of Life 2022-Day 24

Growing up, I loved to read. One of my favorite times to read was before bed. There was nothing else I had to do, no place else I needed to be. I remember having this light that clipped onto the headboard of my bed so I could read well into the night, which I could often be found doing.

That love of late night reading has been passed down to Isabella. She loves her books and her favorite time to read is before bed. She even has a small reading light that clips onto the edge of her bunk bed!

Each night, before I retire for the night, I check on the girls, turning off any lights that may have been left on as they nodded off to sleep. But sometimes, the lights are on because Isabella is still awake.

When I see that she is still awake, she is always reading. Book in hand, she is laying there, comfy as can be. “Time to turn off the light and go to sleep,” I tell Isabella.

“Just one more chapter…please?” she replies.

I want to say no, because I know that it is late and she needs her sleep. On the other hand, I remember being the same way, and still am, always wanting to squeeze in a few more pages, another chapter.

So I lay next to her for a brief moment, and tell her she can finish her chapter, even when she is on the first page of the chapter. I tell her yes because she is loving the books she is reading. I tell her yes because I want her to continue to enjoy reading for fun. I tell her yes because she is just like me.

Reading into the night!

9 thoughts on “Caught Reading”

  1. I love this post so much! Reminds me of me growing up with my mom. Makes me think of myself now. Makes me think of how I feel when it’s my students doing this in class and I have to tell them to put a book away! Isabella is right where I always love to be at night before I fall asleep.

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  2. Oh yes, my favorite time to read is at night in bed. And there must be a soft light source because that makes it more enjoyable and comfortings as that’s the way I used to read when I was young (only then it was under the covers.) I love all the reasons why you didn’t say, “No.”

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