The Things We Do for Our Children

Sophia has been recovering from having her adenoids and tonsils out almost 2 weeks ago. I am happy to report that she is healing well. That being said, the soft diet has been a bit difficult for her. While one would think that eating as many popsicles and bowls of ice cream as you wanted would be the best thing ever, it most definitely was not for Sophia.

So yesterday when Sophia asked for pampakes as she calls her pancakes, I was ready to head to McDonalds. She had eaten these over the weekend and they had been a hit! Instead, she said, “No, I want to make pampakes with you.”

So we began pulling out the ingredients needed for the pampakes. Flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, milk, egg, and butter. And then I went for the bowl, only it wasn’t there. “Sophia, we don’t have our regular bowl. Let me see if I can find something different for us to use.”

I began searching the cabinets and eventually found something that would work. While I was doing this, Sophia began singing a song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Things May Change. “Things may change and that’s okay. Today we can do things a different way.”

These words hit me hard. She was right. Thank you Daniel Tiger! Just because things weren’t going our way or we didn’t have exactly what we needed, we could make a simple change and all would be well. I needed that reminder from Sophia as I often forget that even though change can be scary, it is okay. I even made her sing the song so I could record it for when I needed a gentle reminder.

Oh, and those pampakes that we made? She only ate one!

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