To Keep or Return…That is the Question

I sit here, winding down after a long day at work. And I am sitting in my pajamas, wearing gym shoes. I never wear shoes at home in the house, but tonight I am wearing the brand new shoes that arrived in the mail. I have been waiting for them for more than a week.Continue reading “To Keep or Return…That is the Question”

Lazy Saturday Morning

I woke up this morning, no alarm or little girl poking me. Such a glorious feeling! I laid in bed this morning with both my girls, snuggling, for a few brief moments. I had breakfast while working on my puzzle and enjoying the sunshine. I sat on the couch reading with Sophia and watching IzzieContinue reading “Lazy Saturday Morning”

Dance with Me

I walked into my closet, needing to grab my rings and necklace before heading downstairs. “I’m heading downstairs,” I told Sophia. “Dance with me!” she replied. I knew it was time to get downstairs to make breakfast and get us out the door. But before saying no, I thought about what the hurry was. Sure,Continue reading “Dance with Me”

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

I awoke this morning, not quite realizing that my alarm had been ringing and slowly growing louder. I eventually managed to turn it off and I took out my earplugs. And then I froze. There were many loud sounds and I wasn’t quite sure what they were. It registered that Jim was still sound asleepContinue reading “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

How to Catch a Leprechaun

After school today, Izzie and I had doctor appointments. When we arrived, the girls were so excited to tell me about the leprechaun trap they had designed and built. They rushed to tell me what they had done and I tried to picture in my head what they created, but not going to lie, IContinue reading “How to Catch a Leprechaun”

A Smile Worth Remembering

Monday, one of my least favorite days. Back to waking up early, working out, and quickly rushing through making breakfast so we can all hurry out the door. There are usually tears and yelling followed by hugs and apologies. Today was no different. The girls argued with each other. They cry, I hug and soothe.Continue reading “A Smile Worth Remembering”

Pandemic Birthday #2

Today we celebrated Isabella’s 8th birthday, in the midst of the pandemic, again. Yes, this was her second birthday celebrated pandemic style. But this year was different. Today we celebrated not only her birthday but hope for the future. Bringing family together and enjoying each other’s company. Hearing cousins squealing with delight and running throughContinue reading “Pandemic Birthday #2”