What are you reading Wednesday

I started this blog almost 2 months ago in hopes of not only sharing all about literacy, but also to begin doing something I love, writing. So with the start of summer, I am refocused  and ready to have you join me on the back porch for lots of literacy fun!

I thought it would be fun to start with What are you reading Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, I will share with you what I am reading and I hope you will share with me as well! I love summer as there is more time for me to read, both on my own and with the girls.

This week I started a new book, The Sunshine Girls by Jane Green. I had quickly grabbed it from a  summer beach read shelf at the library about a week ago as we were checking out. The cover looked enticing and I had been looking for a fun read.

Yesterday, Izzie asked if we should return the book as we were heading back to the library and I had to admit that I hadn’t even started reading it yet! She told me that I better start right away and so I did. As I began reading, I was expecting a light, beach read. Instead, I was hit with a story about a woman dying and the fact that her daughters were not around. Not exactly what I had in mind! I will continue to read and see how the story unfolds.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you been expecting a book to take one direction and then it heads in another? I hope that I am in for some surprises and happy story for my quick book grab. So…what are you reading this week? I would love to hear from you! Happy reading!

Buggy Adventures-Part 1

The weather here in Illinois has not felt like spring at all this week…cold, windy, rainy, snowy! So the girls and I decide to take some time to explore bugs and the outdoors…using the book Bug Hotel. This is a great book that introduces children (and adults!) to several different kinds of bugs, without having to brave the cold weather! With interactive flaps, this books is bound to keep your readers engaged! For more information, check out Bug Hotel here: https://l6121.myubam.com/p/6978/bug-hotel

I love pairing book reading with crafts and activities! After reading Bug Hotel, we embarked on crafty activities, using things from around the house. First up…bees! We began by making giant bees out of paper plates, yellow tissue paper, black construction paper, glue sticks, googly eyes (because they make everything more fun!), and pipe cleaners. And yes, we happened to have all of those things in our house! The girls had a lot of fun adding the yellow tissue paper to the paper plate and loved that they were in charge of the glue! Check out my happy bee makers!


Once our paper plate bees were complete, we moved onto making honeycombs complete with fingerprint bees! For this activity, we used white card stock, bubble wrap, yellow paint, and black markers. I cut the bubble wrap into roughly the shape of a honeycomb and the girls went to work painting it yellow! Turn it over onto the card stock and you have a honeycomb! Dipping a finger in paint, each girl (with my guidance of course!) made yellow fingerprints around the honeycomb. Fast forward to later in the day after the paint had time to dry…it was time to finish our bees. Using a black marker, I showed the girls how to add stripes, wings, a head, and antennas to the fingerprints to turn them into bees. Our final step in the process was to reread our bee pages from Bug Hotel and talk about what we had learned about bees. We added the sentences to the papers and complete!

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Stay tuned for more buggy adventures this week!

The Big 4-0!

Today is April 14th and my fortieth birthday. Usually a huge birthday person, this year, not so much. But I do believe that birthdays lend themselves to the start of a new year and new adventures. So my new adventure today is the start of my blog, Books on the Back Porch! I have been thinking about this for awhile and am excited to finally take the plunge! I plan to focus of spreading my love of literacy with all of my readers. Please watch for exciting things to come as I start on my blogging journey!