Learning to Paint

Slice of Life 2022-Day 31

When it came to painting rooms in our home, the job usually fell to me. I didn’t mind the painting and did a pretty good job. Don’t get me wrong, there would be some oops marks here and there. But for the most part, the room would turn out well.

Recently, I have been demoted from painter because of my oops marks. You see, Jim has taken over, claiming yo be more precise. And he is, as he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to home improvement. So he has become the painter as of late.

When getting ready to paint our bathroom, Sophia said she wanted to help. So, Jim told her to go get some painting clothes on.

“What are painting clothes?” Sophia asked.

After explaining they were clothes that would be okay to get paint on and suggesting a pair of pants that had recently acquired holes on the knees, she ran upstairs to find her painting clothes. She came to the top of the stairs, holding a bright pink shirt from a place that was no longer in business. “Perfect!” I exclaimed.

Eventually, both Jim and Sophia were ready to paint. Jim carefully explained and demonstrated how to get paint on the roller and how to move the roller on the wall. Then it was time for Sophia to give it a try. Together, they held onto the roller, carefully pushing it around in the paint tray before bringing it up to the ceiling and moving it along. Sophia wanted to try on her own, but soon realized she needed help as the roller on an extension pole was heavier than she thought.

Finished with the ceiling, Jim and Sophia headed to the basement to paint the cabinet. Sophia was in charge of the doors. I watched as she concentrated in putting just the right amount of paint on the roller. I watched as she moved the roller over the cabinet door, just like daddy had showed her. I watched as her face expressed feelings of pride and accomplishment.

So I am passing the painting baton onto Jim and Sophia. May they find happiness in their painting projects!

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