The End or The Beginning?

I’ve heard that when one door closes, another one opens. Or, the end of the one thing is the beginning of another. Today marks one of those days.

We made the decision to have Izzie change gyms. She has been at the same gym for 4 years and has had amazing coaches. One, in particular, has known her she she was itty bitty, just a budding gymnast. We followed him over to this gym and he and Izzie have been buddies ever since. We went to see him yesterday, to say good bye, or as he said “see you later.” He understood our decision and said he will always be rooting for Izzie, no matter what leotard she is wearing.

Today, we said good bye to another coach. She, too, has been amazing and been Izzie’s cheerleader all season. Candid conversations were had decisions understood, but it didn’t make it any easier.

And then, tonight, Izzie had her first practice at the new gym. Longer hours and unknown routines, she came back saying, “It was good.” I guess that’s better than bad. I know that she is going to be okay and work hard, but it doesn’t stop me from questioning whether or not we have made the right decision. We shall see what happens in Izzie’s next gymnastics chapter!

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