Family Shopping Adventure

Going to the grocery store can be a challenge at times. Usually, Jim or I go on her own, without the girls. But today, we decided to make it a family adventure. Would it be a total disaster or a total success??

All four of us piled into my car and headed to Meijer. There were no complaints from the girls when we had asked them to come with us, so far so good.

We arrived at Meijer and Izzie decided she was going to push the cart. Sophia climbed on the side and Izzie told her to get off. Sophia huffed away. Uh oh, not so good.

Daddy to the rescue! He whisked Sophia off to begin grabbing the groceries. Izzie and I followed behind. Getting better…

The shopping continued without any additional incidents. And surprisingly, the girls were amazing helpers! They were helpful and careful. They made shopping enjoyable.

Today I am grateful for a family shopping adventure in which we all had fun and worked together.

Izzie the shopper!

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