To Keep or Return…That is the Question

I sit here, winding down after a long day at work. And I am sitting in my pajamas, wearing gym shoes. I never wear shoes at home in the house, but tonight I am wearing the brand new shoes that arrived in the mail. I have been waiting for them for more than a week. I was so excited when I saw that they arrived today!

But as I sit here, I am debating about whether or not these are the shoes for me. I am not one to order shoes without trying them on first. I was in a time crunch and these shoes sounded similar to what I had before. Only they are not. They don’t feel the same and I think they might be too tight. Or I am just overanalyzing like everything else today?

So I will continue to sit with the shoes on my feet, until I get too tired and want to curl up my legs. And then I will take them off and sleep on whether or not to keep them.

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I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

13 thoughts on “To Keep or Return…That is the Question

  1. Yes, ordering on line often poses this dilemma. It can be annoying to have to send something back, and yet you know that if you were in person, you probably wouldn’t have bought them. Sleeping on it works. Clarity will come tomorrow, I’m sure. Cute post.


  2. Buyer’s remorse especially with shoes or clothing. I’ve done the same many times. If you don’t love them, no need to keep them. It’s the second-guessing that makes it hard.

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  3. I hope your sleep helps you make the right decision on whether you need to return them or not. I guess that’s the problem with buying stuff online, hopefully you don’t need to send them back, one more thing to do!


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