As I write today, I am listening to my girls in the bath. Today’s bath is not for the purpose of getting clean. The purpose of today’s bath is to have fun.

They walked into my bathroom with their towels and pajamas. In addition, they carried in goggles and diving toys. Yes, today’s bath time adventure was to pretend that they are swimming in a pool.

I have sat on my bed, getting various computer projects started, and listening to them. They have had so much fun diving and imagining they are on the beach. Lots of giggles and splashing have occurred. While I am sure that my bathroom is a wet mess, it is worth it to hear them giggle and enjoy each other.

The last conversation was regarding what we were having for dinner.

Izzie: I know what I want for dinner…popcorn!

Mommy: That’s not what is for dinner.

Izzie: What’s for dinner?

Mommy: Food.

Izzie: Popcorn is food!

She had me there. I may just let her have the popcorn for dinner.

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I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

8 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Baths can serve many purposes. I actually soaked in the tub for quite a while today…it helped relieve and provided a little “space in our together” if you know what i mean. LOL. That was a genius idea. Sometimes it’s worth the clean-up to let the kids have a little fun.


  2. Ha, there are a lot of compromises being made right now in the terms of keeping things normal and good for our kids. Give yourself a break and let her have the popcorn. xo


  3. Brilliant idea, mom! Love this and they will certainly appreciate it and probably remember it fondly. That’s what matters most. You’re doing this stuff right! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Popcorn is a perfect dinner! I’m eating mine right now. Your girls are really embracing every opportunity, the way childhood should. Tonight the beach, next time a water park with water guns. After that, who knows?


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