Slice of Life 2020

Early Morning Conversation

I awoke after an extremely restless night of sleep to remember the reason why that happened…Izzie had slept in my bed. She had continuously hit me in the face with her arm, even after I pushed it way multiple times.

I laid there for a bit, and then began to think I should get up. Before I could do that, though, I saw Sophia quietly walking across the loft to my bedroom. I quickly jumped out of bed to catch her before she came into my room and woke Izzie up.

We said good morning and then walked back to Sophia’s room, where I convinced her to snuggle with me for a few minutes. We laid next to each other and chatted about our hopes for the day. Laying there watching her talk to me was one of the best things ever! Sophia looked at me, and said, “I know what the best part of your day will be, snuggles with So So!” It was such a sweet moment that more than made up for the restless night’s sleep!

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