Shopper in Training

As we walked into the grocery store, Sophia noticed the child-sized carts that were near the regular-sized carts. She looked up at me. I told her to go ahead and take one, thinking it would keep her busy as we went through the store. While only there for a few items, I have long since learned the importance of keeping a little one engaged in the store.

She took pushing her cart very seriously. A determined look on her face, she was careful not to bump into anything. We started in the deli section, looking for some yummy cheese. Cheese and crackers were on the menu for a fun dinner option for our anniversary!

As we chose different varieties of cheese, Sophia added them into her cart. We moved through the store, heading for the crackers. I watched as Sophia walked ahead of Jim and I, perusing the crackers. She found the ones that she really liked and into the cart they went! I began looking for my favorite crackers, but had difficulty finding them.

All of a sudden, Sophia turns to me, crackers in hand, and says, “I’ve got your crackers mommy!” Of course she did! She has one of the kindest hearts ever. I walked over to her, gave her hug, and told her thank you. “You really do know me, Sophia!”

Sometimes, it is the little things that matter the most. Watching my little girl take care of me was amazing to see.

Sophia the Shopper

Published by booksonthebackporch

I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

4 thoughts on “Shopper in Training

  1. Good for you. I never had the patience to let my kids do that kind of stuff. It was harder and it made the trip take longer–but it is worth it. Go you!


  2. Your daughter is the cutest little shopper I have ever seen. I have so many fond memories of pushing the little grocery cart around the store while my mom pushed the big one around. She would talk to me about all the items on the shelves. Those are such fond memories for me, and I know your daughter will hold her’s close to her heart as well. Lovely piece about a sweet life activity.


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