Sophia the Brave

Waiting for surgery!

I awoke this morning at 5:27 without using my alarm. I laid in bed listening to both Jim and Sophia sleep as thoughts began running through my head…were we making the right decision in taking Sophia in to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out? How would she handle the actual surgery? Would she be okay with the recovery? All questions that I could not answer but were worrying me nonetheless.

I eventually pulled myself out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. Brush teeth, put in contacts, brush hair, get dressed. Typical morning stuff, although today felt like anything but typical. As I headed back into the bedroom, Sophia was sitting up and I was able to give her a hug. I went to get her clothes to get her dressed and when I returned, Izzie had come in as well. Sister hugs are the best!

Fast forward to arriving at the surgery center. We checked in and then Sophia sat on my lap, not really saying anything. Several minutes, we looked up to see not only Papa, but also Grandma Patti. They had come to surprise Sophia. Having them there helped to pass the time until we were finally called back. And then the real waiting began.

Sophia had not cried or fussed, until we went to put on the gown. And then she began to fight a bit. We finally got her in the gown and then it was mommy snuggles. Nurses came in and checked her vitals. A brief moment of panic as her temperature was a bit higher than they would have liked. The doctor came in and said we would be good to go. She left and then we waited. Sophia read her book to us and we played I Spy.

“When is the doctor going to come?” Sophia asked time and time again. And then she began to check my watch…8:29…8:30…8:54…Finally it was time to go. I gave Sophia a hug and an ugga mugga as she was rolled away.

We slowly walked out to the waiting room and sat some more. There was a moment of relief as I knew she was in good hands followed by a moment of panic as I realized my baby was in surgery.

Surgery went well…she was a champ! Coming out of the anesthesia was tough as was getting her to drink, but she did it! She has been eating pudding and popsicles and drinking some water. I know we are on our way to recovery. It will be tough, but she will have lots of mommy and daddy snuggles!

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I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

10 thoughts on “Sophia the Brave

  1. Oh, this is hard. We had a family friend in his 30s who stayed at our place in December as he recovered from the same surgery. Better now than later. Enjoy the snuggle time as Sophia recovers. (I love her name.)


  2. It’s a real dichotomy. You described it so well, the feeling of relief to get this medical issue healed but also a feeling of panic that your baby is getting operated on. Nice slice!


  3. I love the way you depersonalize your routine with “Brush teeth, put in contacts, brush hair, get dressed.” It keeps the main thing the main thing: your girl! Way to go!


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