The Best Part of My Day

Each night at dinner, we all share the best part of our days. Tonight was no exception. While waiting for our dinner to come at Red Robin, Izzie asked me what was the best part of my day. I had to think because there was so much fun celebrating Izzie’s 6th birthday. Before I answered, I asked her what was the best part of her day. “The whole day,” she responded as she often did. She proceeded to tell that she had the best day because she celebrated her birthday.

As I thought about it, there were many moments that could have been the best part of my day: the sound of her running feet as she bounded into my birthday so I could wish her a happy birthday…the donuts for breakfast…arts and crafts after school…watching her open presents…dinner at Red Robin.

But there was one moment that made it for my best part of my day: surprising Izzie by coming to her school to read to her class. I had been planning it for a few weeks and was so excited that I kept the secret. As I came into her classroom, she looked up and her teacher told her to come give me a hug, which she did! There is nothing better than seeing her in her element with her friends. Once the students finished their relaxation activity, they headed over to the carpet. Izzie and I sat up front to read the book.

I began by talking about how Izzie wanted to be an astronaut to which several students responded that they new that because she was an astronaut for Halloween. I then read the book, Mousetronaut, to the class. The last thing we read was the message I had written inside the book as we were donating the book to the classroom. Then Izzie handed out the space books and bookmarks to her classmates who were quite excited. She insisted on doing it herself, so I just watched and snapped a few pictures. Talking with her teacher is always a pleasure. And then, just like that, the moment was over.

As we were walking towards the office to sign out, Izzie told me that that she was really surprised. She said that this was a good surprise and we walked out, hand in hand. I am so grateful for these best parts of my days.

Published by booksonthebackporch

I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

4 thoughts on “The Best Part of My Day

  1. So many great moments with your girls!
    This slice is full of your thoughtfulness all in the details with the carefully chosen mouse astronaut book and the space bookmarks!


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