Brave and Birthdays

Today, I knew what I wanted to write about and then I found another story. I couldn’t decide what to write about, so I am choosing to write about both stories.

I had to take Sophia to the doctor for a pre-operative appointment complete with a blood draw. Only I didn’t tell her until I picked her up from daycare. And then when we arrived at the doctor’s office, I finally told her she had a special test. She was calm and talking which surprised me as I expected her to be crying and screaming. Her name was called and she happily walked to the door to the lab. We followed the ladies to the room where we sat on a chair. She calmly sat on my lap and did everything that she was told to do. It helped to have Auntie Kate talking to her the whole time. They prepped her arm and stuck the needle…and she didn’t even flinch! I was shocked! My little girl turned into a brave soul today. I am so proud of her!

Brave Sophia

Onto the birthday! Today is Izzie’s last day as a five year old. Tomorrow, she will turn six. Thinking about this today, I remember the day, which also happened to be a Wednesday, six years ago. I walked into the doctor’s office for my 37 week check up. As the doctor examined me, she stopped and asked, “Do you want to have a baby today?” I was shocked to say the least and not prepared at all. I hadn’t even packed my hospital bag! But, it was time. We made our way to the hospital and the rest is history! Our baby girl made her way into the world around 2:25 am on Thursday, March 14th. I am so blessed to have Isabella in my life and cannot wait to celebrate her tomorrow. Stay tuned for birthday celebration fun!

Last night as a five year old!

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2 thoughts on “Brave and Birthdays

  1. Good for you posting 2 separate -yet connected through love- slices.
    The story of your daughter being strong at the doctor was a great peek into how your frame of mind has shaped your child’s.


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