“Internouncing…Moana!” and Isabella flings open the door, ready for her part of the show. And I tell her to stop, because I need to get my phone so I can take a picture. She then proceeds to put on a dance. As she dances, her boa falls to the floor. “It was supposed to do that,” she lets us know as she continues to dance.

Moana aka Isabella

We clap and she curtsies. Isabella then internounces Sophia who is dressed as Aurora. And I can’t help but laugh as she comes out for several reasons. She was laughing and moving as silly as she could. And then she let us know that she couldn’t even see! Her dance involved a lots of jumping and spinning around and around.

Aurora aka Sophia

This show is a fairly normal occurrence around our house. The girls love to spend time putting together these silly shows, even setting up chairs for the audience to sit in for the show. As Jim and I waited for the show to begin, we talked about how as hard as it is to sit and wait for the show to begin, one day, these shows will go away. The girls will be too busy to put together a show for their mom and dad. So, we treasure these moments. This show was the perfect ending to a crazy busy day!

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8 thoughts on “Fashionistas

  1. Your slice reminded me of some of my favorite birthday parties with one of my friends. Her parents must have sat there for an hour watching our ‘talent’ show! It is great you took the time to be a part of this moment and that you captured it for future stories!


  2. This is hilarious. I worked with younger children for many years, and this is the kind of stuff I miss getting to do in the classroom rather than just at home. Looks like a fun day!


  3. My favorite is the way you captured their “Internouncing.” I missed it the first time, but the second time it caught me. Love the way they invent words that mean exactly what they are meant to!


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