My Word for 2019

Three years ago, I was given the challenge to choose one word to define my year. At the time, it seemed difficult to imagine that I would be able to choose a single word for my year. So many came to mind, but, in the end, I chose the word focus. One of my goals that year was to finally finish my dissertation and graduate, which I did.

Last year, in 2018, my one word for the year was bold. Inspired by two of my good friends, I learned to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Vendor events for my Usborne Books & More business which mean talking to many people I did not know, teaching an online college class, presenting at a statewide literacy conference, just to name a few.

Now here we are in 2019 and time to choose a new word. I struggled with choosing a word this year and spent some time thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year. Thanks again to my two friends, Shelly and Jill, and their thoughtful conversations, I have a new word: intentional. I really want to be intentional about the projects I complete, the time I have and how I spend it, and saying yes to what is truly important to me.

I am excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to share it with all of you!


that was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.

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I am a wife, mom to two girls, a reading specialist, and avid reader and writer! I am excited to share my experiences through the different books of my life!

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